The playfulness and focus on community engagement of these early projects continues to resonate in our work; to this day we maintain connections with a number of social enterprises.

The team of architects, designers and makers at March Studio is experienced, capable and passionate. Our collective standards are extremely high, and we keep them high by challenging each other to maintain them on a daily basis.


These are just a handful of the daily inspirations we use as starting points to invert, subvert, exaggerate and confound. Our work is not only about creating functional spaces; each project intends to elevate daily experiences through design and built environment, resulting in lasting and useful beauty.

We have an intimate knowledge of materials and their capabilities - not only on a physical scale but also in relation to delivery and budget.
Our selection of materials isn’t determined by how well they will photograph. Rather, they are chosen because they will improve with age and use. That they photograph well is nice but it isn’t the point.

The results of our work live in the real world, so it’s important to us that we consider and respond to both socio and sustainability expectations.

Every project is an opportunity to work in a new way. We interpret each brief and respond with concepts that embody the intricacies and fundamentals of the client’s life, trade or aspiration.

When our clients succeed, we succeed. In our short attention span world, it’s incredibly satisfying to have built enduring relationships with so many clients.

An uncompromising vision is one of the principle qualities we admire in our clients. We respect the pursuit of perfection and innovation – it’s also what drives March Studio – and collaborating with people wanting to get there is the core of our practice.

March Studio has amassed a vast knowledge of materials, finishes and all manner of manufacturing techniques. These include sheet metal, wire forming, tube bending, 3D printing, lost wax casting and slip casting to name a few.

We prefer to manufacture directly from our own digital files and, in this way, provide the exact information the manufacturer requires. This removes the need for a lengthy exchange of shop drawings, as well as making projects that are normally impossible to realise with short deadlines and/or small quantities possible.

March Studio delivers highly crafted projects and products utilising digital means but, importantly, we understand when to turn to traditional methods and the skilled craftsmen who specialise in using them when it will produce a superior result.

Local materials and fabricators are our preferred resources. We have a large array of trades and craftspeople providing us with exceptional finished materials.

By contrast, we have gone to great lengths to source the best available globally when local supply isn’t possible. This ‘whatever it takes’ approach to creating the best outcomes has extended to redesigning an entire store with a unique local material discovered only after landing in the country, or designing a chair from scratch when available options just didn’t meet our standards.

We’ve been commissioned to complete projects around Australia and the world – Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, New York, Paris, Singapore, Zurich and Geneva.